Born 1960 in Lorraine.

1983 - 1989 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna -

Master Class F. Hundertwasser - Painting. 

From 1982, in addition to painting, art photography  in order to percept the signs of life, whose extraordinary are the basis for transforming some of the delights.

Longer residencies in Annecy, Bayreuth, Tegernsee, Ljubljana, Sao-Filipe, Roseau, Bad Ischl, Graz and Vienna.

Passionate about the style era and the bohemian guild of the 20-30s, as well as the 50-60s of the last century.

A soft spot for German Romanticism as for ethnology in general. 

"Contemporary" allergic.

Never call him an artist!



The fir tree, the mysterious.

The fir is tart and cool, and it has an extraordinary taste. Remarkable in society through restraint and cultivated appearance. Extremely ambitious, talented and extraordinary diligent. Seems rejective towards strangers. Often moody and obstinate and remains lonely even in large society.

In times of need, you can always rely on him. He's a reliable person.